Thursday, December 30, 2010

The New Year Ahead


Welcome to my newly-created blog!  This is something that I have dabbled with in the past, but I feel now, at this point in my life, I have a lot to share and hope that it will resonate with my peers - young parents, young professionals, etc. and those looking for new ideas around health and wellness, fitness and cooking/nutrition.  I am an amateur in all of these areas, but have learned a lot along the way and look forward to giving you some new ideas this year!  Here is some of what I will highlight in early 2011:
  • Health and wellness for you - I was selected by Best Buy through the WOLF Omega program to review fitness and wellness products!  I am so excited to get started.  This will begin the week of January 3rd and run for 8 weeks - a great kick-start to the new year!  I will be re-posting my reviews here.
  • Nutrition/cooking for your family - In October, my son was tested or food allergies and it was confirmed that he has allergies and/or intolerance to wheat, soy, egg whites, egg yolks and peanuts.  The journey to this discovery was a bit challenging - he would throw up randomly and had severe eczema.  Through elimination of these allergens, we are managing these reactions and we can tell he is healthier and happier overall.  I have a passion for cooking, and these findings have driven me to take a new direction with my cooking and meal planning.  I think some of my strategies will be very beneficial to parents of young children whether or not they have the same challenges!  I have learned so much about diet and how food choices impact kids as they grow.  I look forward to suggesting great reads, recipes and thoughts on this topic!
Thanks for visiting - I hope you will find the information here to be valuable as you continue to redefine yourself in 2011 and as you manage your daily lives!