About Christina

My name is Christina and I currently reside with my husband and two year old in Plymouth, Minnesota.  I have always loved to cook and took signficant efforts to maintain my health by preparing healthy meals and staying active.  My biggest challenge came when my son was diagnosed with food allergies just after his first birthday. His wheat, soy, egg and peanut, tree nut and sesame allergies (in addition to chronic ear infections and early-onset asthma) motivated me to learn everything I could with regards to purchasing and preparing foods that have the power to heal our bodies. With guidance from many resources and direction from experts on the subject of wellness and diet, I have learned how to use nutritious, whole foods to prepare nourishing, healing meals for my family and have taken additional holistic approaches to insure that my son thrives as he grows by minimizing the negative impact from his health challenges.

I am passionate about sharing my story with others who have loved ones with similar challenges and am energized by teaching others how to effectively plan meals and make the lifestyle changes necessary in order to begin to heal their families.  I hope that I can be an additional resource for you on your journey as you strive to elevate wellness through food and overall well-being for yourself and your family.

Read about my family's journey that motivates me to continue writing this blog and sharing our story with anyone who will listen!  Click here.

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