Friday, June 12, 2015

Wholesome Allergy-Free Packaged Snacks… and lunchbox tips!

While I have not been active on my blog during the past two years, I felt inclined to post this list of wholesome, allergy-free packaged snacks.  My not-so-little guy (5 1/2  now!) started summer camp and  with the need for a quick snack that can withstand warmer temps in many cases, I need to resort to some packaged goodies that will keep him full until the next meal but has that convenience factor built in.  I am sure many parents out there struggle with this, and I had to do quite a bit of organizing and research to come up with this list.  With so many camps and schools being nut free (as well as sports teams, etc), this will come in handy for most parents out there!  I strive to keep my list as wholesome and nutritious as possible.  I will add to this list as I discover more!

I built in hyperlinks to Amazon or the company's website where I could!

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps Variety Pack (can find at Costco, as well)

Enjoy Life Mountain Mambo Seed and Fruit Trail Mix (Snack size!  I LOVE these!)

Smart Pop Snack Size Popcorn (Costco has large boxes of snack size bags)

Clif Organic Fruit & Veggie Ropes (I would not encourage these as a snack unto themselves - not filling - but a great "treat" to add to a snack or lunch!)

Annie's Gluten Free/Nut Free Granola Bars (new!)
Oatmeal Cookie
Double Chocolate Chip
Berry Berry (NOTE: these are not certified gluten free but my son, with a wheat allergy, has no problem with them!)

Quackers Gluten Free Cheese Crackers 
***this link takes you to a site where you can see stores in MN that they are offered, select your state to find them) - Gluten Free, GMO free, Corn Free, Soy Free Cheese crackers - they taste awesome - great as a sub for the traditional "goldfish" crackers.

Other Snacks:

In addition to these packaged snacks, I also have one of these LunchBots containers that I have successfully used to pack whole foods snacks - particularly apples with Sunbutter (I even blend in a bit of honey and granola (LOVE this brand!) with the Sunbutter to make it special).  I used it once this week to pack one of the Annie's granola bars and some grass fed summer sausage for some protein with his morning snack (it was a non-field trip day and I told him to eat it in the morning, as it is out of the fridge for only a couple hours).

For lunch packing, I am indebted to 100 Days of Real Food for the majority of my ideas.  I just invested in my first YumBox Panino leak proof lunch container and it is awesome and would fit many cooler lunch boxes (I have seen that they definitely fit in Lands End boxes)!!  For Field Trip Days, these PackIt Freezable Lunch Bags (Mini Size is perfect for kids) are amazing - this bag stayed cold all day long in my son's backpack despite blazing heat last week (it was still cool when we got home that evening!)

Inside the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag, I use the following reusable bags that I love:
Wrap 'N Mat (Best Invention Ever - folds out into a mat for sandwiches, veggies, or whatever you fold inside!)
Neat-O's snack size bags (these are SO durable, they have other sizes but this size works great for crackers, chips, fresh fruit and veggies)
Reuseit Sandwich/Snack Bags (I have had these for years and they are still like new - fit snacks and sandwiches)