Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Menu Plan Week of 10/8

It's better (very) late than never!  My little guy's birthday is tomorrow - he will be three years old!!!  I just cannot believe how time has flown by!  It is a time of reflection for me, as it has now been exactly two years since his food allergy diagnosis and about 18 months since his first major asthma episode.  We continue to manage all of this with diet, supplements, and Western medicine as needed.... and he is such a trooper!  I am so proud of him each day - even as an almost three year old he has been forced to process how he is "different" than other kids in so many ways, and he takes it all in stride and uses reasoning skills to do so that put him well beyond that of an average three year old.  He takes his supplements (a 5 minute morning and evening routine) without batting an eye.  And his little sense of humor and constant state of activity keep us on our toes.

I am looking forward to another year of fun and wellness with my little man....  and the little lady that will grace us with her presence come December! :)

Here is our menu plan this week!

Monday:  Butternut Squash and Sausage Soup (DF version with coconut milk, I did not strain it, just used the immersion blender - delicious and tons leftover!  I used Ferndale Market Italian Turkey Sausage - my favorite local sausage!)

Tuesday:  Chicken "Hurry" with green beans (Use just 2 tbsp maple syrup or honey, no sugar.  I also only use 1/2 cup of  organic ketchup.  And bone-in chicken breast)

Wednesday:  Birthday quesadillas with raw veggies

Thursday:  Baked Oatmeal

Friday:  OUT

Saturday:  Birthday Party leftovers (grass fed burgers, grass fed beef hot dogs, potato salad, corn chips and salsa, fruit, veggies)

Sunday:  TBD (I have all eyes on the birthday party, can't really plan past Saturday!) :)

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