Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The fitbit!

I was really excited to receive my first product from Best Buy to review - the fitbit!  I loaded it onto my computer last night and set it up.  It was very easy and straightforward.  Here are some of the features that initially caught my eye:
  • The device syncs your data wirelessly - you just have to come within a few feet of the base that is plugged into your computer!
  • You can log specific activity separate from your normal daily activity (workouts, sleep, etc.)
  • The fitbit tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • There is a fitbit community on their site that includes groups and forum to motivate you towards your goals.
  • In addition to the activity that the fitbit logs for you, you can also journal food consumed, your weight, etc. for more accurate information.
  • There is a Premium paid subscription that allows you to connect with friends to "compete" or meet goals together, in addition to ranking you against the general user base.
Tomorrow will be the first full day that I will wear the fitbit.  I wear it on the waist of my pants and am able to push a button on the device to check how many steps I have walked, push it again for miles walked and again for calories burned. 

At $99, the fitbit is a pricey pedometer.  However, if you are looking to meet new goals or overcome a fitness plateau, this defintely goes beyond a traditional pedometer by helping you set goals beyond steps per day.  If you have further questions about the product, feel free to email me!

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