Sunday, October 16, 2011

Menu Plan Week of 10/17

After a wonderful weekend away with my husband in Lanesboro, MN (relaxation, an awesome 27 mile bike ride, and great eating!) I am refreshed and ready to get back into the kitchen this week!  I have some great recipes planned, a couple very easy work week options for you!

After returning this afternoon, I made a double batch of pumpkin granola that turned out really tasty - a great substitute for boxed cereal for breakfast and a good kid-friendly snack option (sprinkle over yogurt or pour some milk/coconut milk over it!)

For more menu planning inspiration, check out Orgjunkie's Monday morning post for lots of ideas!

Monday:  Chuck-Wagon Pot Roast with green salad
Tip:  I use beef stew meat instead of a roast.  If you want leftovers, the recipe is good as-is, otherwise use 1 lb. stew meat and a little more than 1/2 jar of pasta sauce (and split the rest of he recipe in half, too!).  I also only use 1/2 the water that the recipe calls for.  Prep veggies the night before if needed and if using rice noodles, cook them the night before and stir in just before eating - rice noodles are really starchy and if cooked in the crock pot, the sauce becomes too thick.  Note: (added Tuesday, 10/18): TURN CROCK TO HIGH AFTER ADDING VEGGIES.  After making this again last night, I recommend stirring in cooked pasta right at the end whether using rice noodles or not.

Tuesday:  Moroccan Chickpeas with rice and broccoli
Tip:  Check out the hyperlink for this recipe and my tips for making this ahead of time!

Wednesday:  Leftover turkey (from the freezer) on toast with carrot and parsnip "fries"
Tip:  For fries, cut carrots and parsnips into matchsticks, toss in olive oil and roast at 375 for 15 minutes, mixing them halfway through roasting.  Serve with organic ketchup (no corn syrup!) :)

Thursday:  Veggie Quesadillas with the fixings
Tip:  I used this recipe a couple of weeks ago and it would work really well to make the quesadilla filling the night before.  I also found a new tortilla that my family loves (our favorite gluten-free tortilla so far! ) Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas.  Find them at Whole Foods or your Co-op!

Friday:  Honey Mustard Pork Tenderloin (crock pot) with salad and green beans
Tip:  Prep this the night before - marinating in the honey mustard mixture overnight makes this pork all the tastier!

Saturday:  Out

Sunday:  Grass-fed beef burgers with kale chips and oven baked sweet potato fries

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