Sunday, October 20, 2013

Menu Plan Week of 10/20

After being very inconsistent with my posting over the past year, I am so thrilled to share that I have made a newfound commitment to be back to writing on the blog on a weekly basis.  I have received so much feedback from so many who use my blog as a resource for recipes and menu planning, it is what motivates me to be back to writing.  I am so grateful to my followers here!!  And I am so passionate about doing what I can to share my tips and tricks to feeding my family a whole foods, allergy-friendly diet.  I speak to friends and acquaintances on an ongoing basis who have struggled with so many of the same things we have when it comes to making dietary changes for their families.  I am here to ease the burden just a little and encourage you to stay the course - it is so worth the extra time and effort!  And I hope I can help you see that it can be easier than you think, with a little planning!

My plan going forward is to share menu plans as often as I can - I have so many menu plans archived now that it can get a little repetitive but I know that this is one of the most valuable tools for my readers!  I also plan to share more recipes and ideas with you to ease the burden of packing lunches, snacks and finding substitutions for processed foods that you are trying to eliminate.  I will also be highlighting my favorite blogs and resources that I use on a daily basis.

Some of the food challenges I have been tackling lately revolve around taking more grains out of my diet and my family's diet and feeding my almost 11 month old very close to grain free and organic, whole foods since we introduced solids at 6 months.  It has been an interesting journey and I am looking forward to sharing my tips with you.  As we introduce simple grains, I have some great ideas and recipes for you!

In the meantime here is our menu plan for this week!

Sunday - Crock pot chili

Monday - Black bean sweet potato quesadillas with kale chips

Tuesday - leftover chili with quinoa macaroni (Chili Mac)

Wednesday - "wing it"

Thursday - Crock pot freezer meal - Honey Apple Chicken Stew
***This recipe is from This awesome mini ecookbook that every mom should have in her arsenal!!!

Friday - Italian meatballs with organic sauce and spinach salad
***after a busy work wheat, a high quality organic marinara sauce does the trick.  I have these meatballs stocked in the freezer - just grass fed beef blended with Italian seasonings, bakes and frozen!

Saturday - out

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