Sunday, February 19, 2012

Menu Plan Week of 2/20/12

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend - here in Minnesota, we were blessed with an amazing weekend of 40+ degree, sunny weather.  Is it really February?!  It has been such a mild winter.... no complaints from this sun-loving girl!

Things get tricky for my family this week....  we are putting our house on the market tomorrow morning.  This means I will have to be more flexible than usual with my menu planning and will need lots of grab and go food options for my little guy.  Having a kid with food allergies makes this process all the more interesting.  But, like everything else, it gives me the opportunity to work on being flexible with food options.  I hope to make some cold salads (like the quinoa salad on my plan this week) that will allow for leftovers that I can pack in a cooler and take along with me if we need to eat dinner on the go due to showings.  Wish us luck!!!

Monday: Homemade chicken nuggets with broccoli and rice

Tuesday:  Superfood Quinoa Salad (leave out avocado until right before eating)
Tip:  Prepare the quinoa salad the night before, the more time it has to sit the better the flavor!

Wednesday:  Keema (this sounds interesting...  scroll down for recipe...I'll use ground beef and butter instead of lard) served over brown rice couscous or noodles
Tip:  Prepare this the night before - lots of leftovers to freeze!

Thursday:  Pizza night! (Roasted vegetable pizza)

Friday:  Out of town

Saturday:  Out of town

Sunday:  Winging it!

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