Sunday, April 8, 2012

I'm back! (Sort of!) Menu Plan Week of 4/9

Well, life has been interesting for my family lately.  We got back from vacation, our purchase agreement for a house we bought fell apart due to mold found by inspector in the attic (long story but I will leave it at that!) and now the plan is to move in with my husband's parents at the end of April when we close on our house so that we can continue to look for a new home. 

This whole process has thrown a wrench into menu planning but I am proud to say I have help pretty steady to our whole foods diet, with a little cheating along the way.

This week I do have a plan, at least through the weekend when my in laws graciously offered to take my little guy so we can spend the whole weekend packing!  I will do my best to post plans and hope to get back to recipe writing and other posts once we are settled.

Monday:  Sloppy Joe's with roasted broccoli and blue corn chips

Tuesday:  Oatmeal bake with breakfast sausage

Wednesday:  Quinoa burgers with cauliflower poppers

Thursday:  Chicken with white beans and tomatoes; salad

Friday:  Out

Saturday:  Out

Sunday:  Slow cooker beef and pasta (calls for wagon wheel pasta, I use a GF penne pasta, cook on the side, drain and rinse, stir into slow cooker at the last minute.  Also, put fresh veggies in about one hour before eating, if possible.  Otherwise pre-cook veggies and stir in right before eating.)

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