Sunday, September 11, 2011

Breakfast and Side Dishes!

I have been digging deeper for great breakfast and side dish ideas to keep things fresh on my weekly menus and have come across some great blogs, recipes, etc. in the process.  I want to share them with you to pass on the inspiration.  Note that most of these are new recipes, so I have not tried them but they seem like no-brainers!  I will be trying all of them in the coming weeks and will let you know if I have any tips or tweaks!

If you have eggplant for your garden or the farmers market, check out this Eggplant recipes site for some inspiration.  I did make the Eggplant dip already - creamy and delicious.  I just made it all in one pot after roasting the eggplant and use a hand blender to puree it.  Super easy.

With fall knocking at the door, it means that it is apple season - yay!  Check out this crock pot applesauce.  Great to make on the weekends... it will leave the house smelling wonderful!  Great for breakfast or a side dish (bonus!)

These crock pot potato wedges are also a great weekend addition to grilled meats and veggies.

I LOVE quinoa and I especially love the idea of making it for breakfast - thanks to "This Chick Cooks" for the idea (cute blog, too!)

I've been looking for a good overnight crock pot oatmeal recipe, and this one caught my eye because of hour easy it looks!  For dairy free, with coconut milk instead of half and half... and add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil right before serving for added richness.  Play with the combination of dried fruits, too!  This gluten free/dairy free version also looks delicious and interesting.

I know many of you have kids with food allergies at home.  This site, in general, is a great resource for recipes and tips for living with food allergies on a budget.  Check out Frugal Food Allergies!

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