Sunday, September 25, 2011

Menu Plan week of 9/26

I am thrilled that this is my first plan to be linked to the Just One Bite Facebook page!  For Just One Bite readers visiting my blog for the first time - welcome!  I hope that these menu plans inspire you to try some new meals with your family and even to reconsider making some recipes during the work week that you would not have tackled before!  I try to provide as many tips as possible for a busy working mom or dad to get these meals on the table as quickly as possible on work nights!

Monday:  Veggie Quesadillas with salsa and guacamole  (Use Daiya dairy free/soy free cheese if needed. (I love quesadillas because I can personalize them for myself, my hubby and my little guy!))
Tip:  prepare the filling in the recipe the night before, refrigerate in a Ziploc bag for easy clean up! 

Tuesday:  BBQ Meatloaf with green beans and rice
Note:  This will still be tasty without the sausage, although it does bump up the flavor!  I will only be using 3/4 cup BBQ sauce in this recipe - no need for all of that sauce...  it overpowers the meatloaf if you use more than this.  I will not use onion mix; instead I will bump up the flavor with 1 tsp. onion powder, 2 tbsp. fresh sage, salt and pepper.  Eliminate eggs (no need for substitutions) if needed.
Tip:  Blend meatloaf mix the night before.  This is a doubled recipe (2 lbs beef) - instead of two loaves, make meatloaf burgers out of half of the mix - freeze burgers before baking for a quick dinner a couple of weeks from now!

Wednesday:  Brats (leftover frozen) and hot dogs with kale chips and crock pot potato wedges

Thursday:  Pizza night (Premade Crusts (Rustic Crust or Trader Joe's pizza dough are good suggestions) for hubby and I and frozen homemade crust with Daiya Dairy-free/Soy-free cheese for my little guy)
Tips:  Pre-chop any toppings for your pizza the night before.  Blend some pureed veggies into the tomato sauce for added nutrition!  (I grate zucchini squash into mine!)

Friday:  Out

Saturday:  Sweet Potato Chili (vegan!)  A favorite in our house...
Note:  A good one to prep the night before.  This recipe does NOT freeze well, so make it for one night and refrigerate leftovers, don't attempt to double the batch and freeze!  You will need to have some dried spices on hand for this so check the recipe carefully!

Sunday:  Whole chicken in the crock pot with broccoli and brown rice (Lundberg short brown or Medlies are our favorites)

For more menu planning inspiration, visit on Mondays!

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